Week 9: UX of Paper

[]  Thursday 25th of November: Body storming

[]  Brief: 
Design a experience of paper that explores its material/ emotional and cultural properties

[]  Team members: 
Ava, Bala, Ella, Kiesha


Looking at the material properties of paper we decided to zoom in on a microscopic scale to show why it has its properties. The forms and fibres on a microscopic scale make abstract laying and patterning.

Intital ideas
Diagrams of initial ideas for paper blindness and the properties of paper
Here we started to make different layers paper represented in a larger scale. Each layer would be split up and the user would be able to walk through it. 

From these forms, I looked at a project by furniture designer Pao Hui Kao. What I liked about these stools is that they take the visual, microscopic form of paper and also utilize the strength properties.

Literacy review

Reading through Advanced Materials: Paper electronics I delved more into the properties of paper. It gave a detailed breakdown of the process to create paper, and how different types were created. 

I found that the fluorescent white pigment absorbs uv light and re-emit it in the blue part of the visible spectrum which compensates for the yellow colour of paper

In Paper: Paging through history Mark Kurlansky also talks about soldiers experiencing snow blindness. Linking these two factors together we decided to explore the effect paper has on light and our eyes.


We experiment with flat walls to disorated the user. The problem with the first was that it was too small and the user could see out of there peripheral.

The second was large enough but light reflected off it in weird ways making it not bright enough and the disoriating effect didn't work.

We opted to start using tracing paper as this would diffuse the surrounding light. We made a series of prototypes out of tracing paper. Adding light to these simulated the snow blindness effect.

Presentation and Feedback

The goggles were seen as the most engaging prototype. As they made the user feel disoriented and had a blurring effect on the eyes.


I really like the dynamic of the group. We all fell into roles within the team and I think this happened naturally because of communication. We dedicated a lot of time to research at the start of the project which later on allowed us to dedicate more time to making as we knew our concept wass strong and backed up with research.