Week 8: UX of Skin

[]  Thursday 18th of November: Speed dating

[]  Brief:
Design a way to express the skin/world interface

[]  Team members: 
Anya, Bala, Dora, Ramya, Ranga

Development of idea

We felt our idea needed to be scaled up, so we looked at how we could change the hands into something that was for the whole body. This could then be linked to different sensitive parts of the body and make people more aware of what they are feeling. We wanted to change the interaction between people, and what it is to feel someone else.

We came up with the idea of the touch suit. Building on the idea of meditation we wanted to draw attention to the body and its feeling with the distractions of everyday life. This meant making the sensations more impactful.

We experimented with lots of different materials and asked questions through speed dating on how they made us feel.

John kolko reading

  • Synthesis

  • Abductive, inductive, Deductive

Defining different points on the body - two point discrimination. In the less sensative parts more abbrasive mateiral would be used. 

Making moving parts - fidget toys

We need to create interaction between the two parties. This is amve part that allows one person to create a sensation for the other. This proved to be very effective as it was a firm sensation similar to a massage giving a sensual feeling.


For the presentation we made a diagram that would help explain how the suit worked, it showed the different levels of sensitivity and the items we put in those areas. The diagram worked effectively at communicating the suit for people sitting down as they could see both the back and front. I didn’t want to use text on it because the T.Vs are small in the studio and would be hard to read for everyone. However, I  probably should have madea  key because the cohort didn't understand the colour scale.


We had a lot of information to present so we were careful not to make the presentation too long and drawn out to keep the audience engaged. We brought our volunteers in as we were speaking, this was to help the audience have a visual connection to what we were speaking about.


I think the group for this project was very good at doing a broad range of work meaning we have a very dynamic process for this project. It was a big learning curve for me as I felt it was hard to navigate this dynamic as there was a lack of clear communication. In the future, if I notice this happening I will make more of an effort to regain communication, through planning and group meetings to make sure we are all on the same page. But when it is happening it is hard to define the problem, only upon reflection can I deduce the main factor in why this project didn’t develop as far as I think it could have.