Week 10:  UX of Paper

[]  Thursday 25th of November: Development

[]  Brief: 
Design a experience of paper that explores its material/ emotional and cultural properties

[]  Team members: 
Ava, Bala, Ella, Kiesha

This week we decided to divide up roles as this is the best way in a project to make use of the short time scale. Bala and myself would be on the physical making side of things and then Kiesha and Ava were going to explore how we could use an Ardunio within the masks. While Ella would be at home focusing on research and literature reviews.

From a tutorial after our presentation we decided the best way to make multiple masks so users could interact with each other. It is alway better to do an odd number when making multiple objects for a project so we chose to make three.

Body storm


The first prototype we created was based around the goggles. We needed a design style so all the masks matched. Originally we were going to get everything cut on the laser cutter however it was fully booked so we needed to make it by hand. So, we adopted a low poly style for our designs.

The imagery of these designs seemed a bit too similar to tactical equipment like snowboard  goggles, or an old diving helmet which is personally thought was miss leading in the project as it was about paper so we abandoned the more iconic forms.

Paper nets

Building on simple shapes and the body storming we made three masks: one was a flat bit of paper, one was rolled and one was folded.


We had to test how thick the walls of the masks would be so the light would diffuse effectively. I chose to make the shapes simple and geometric so they would be easy to cut out with a ruler and scalpel.


A difficult problem to solve was how the masks were going to attach to the head. We designed a headband that would support the weight of the masks.

Presentation and feedback

  1. Definite development from last week (execution)
  2. Fading light expresses more than the static light did
  3. Maybe make the fade in and out more prominent
  4. Shapes - Flat paper, rolled paper, folded paper (cool relation to bodystorming)
  5. Nobody looks at paper that close (maybe increase the distance of the paper form the face more)
  6. Adding in different colours in light to simulate the different coloured paper or lighting reflecting (uv light, candle light, coloured light)
  7. Fading in and fading out to show the development over time of paper blindness
  8. Square, circle and triangle
  9. Reminds you of staying in the snow
  10. Maybe display that gradual process more

Tutor feedback -

  1. Great production
  2. Good iteration of paper blindness
  3. Flimsy concept for paper
  4. A bit too directed, just let people do whatever they want rather than telling them to move or interact with others
  5. Personality - three people and three different personalities displayed through the mask shapes

I agree with most of the feedback however I don’t think it would be useful to change the colour as we are focusing purely of white fluorescent pigment and the effect that has on light but we could explore the spectrum of white.  One thing that didn’t come up was the scale I would like to make a massive curved wall that could be viewed or sat in front of.


Very good group dynamic which I think is reflected in the quality of the project. We were all great at communicating and building on each other's ideas.  If I was to take this project further I would like a more finished style of masked and to experiment with the LED light a little more and the surrounding space the users would interact in.