For Flock’s Sake makes feeding pigeons into a fun, inclusive game by using a series of apparatus that sling bread into flocks of pigeons. 

Whilst many find the abundance of pigeons to be an annoyance, this game encourages playful interaction between workers on their lunchbreak and the birds that try to take their food.

There are three apparatus: a wheel, a cannon, and a slingshot. They fix to the side of benches where people sit to eat their food.

Each apparatus has a different level of deterrence for the different levels of pigeon lovers and haters. The wheel gives a more intimate feeding session dispersing the bread at your feet. the cannon repels the pigeons away, just enough distance to be out of your personal space, and the slingshot is for the pigeon haters. This will make the pigeons fly to the other side of the park.

For Flock’s Sake