As of the summer of 2019 all electric cars have to be fitted with an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System(AVAS). This Consists of microphones and speakers to give the once silent cars a noise at low speeds to alert pedestrians of their presence. I explored a speculative future, whereby utilising this system, the cars can become useful when they are stationary, repurposing the idea of a car park.

The cars use their system to record natural sounds which are mixed with a drum beat that is unique to the car that recorded it. The drum beat changes depending on the speed of the car at the time of recording.

When the cars are parked, they connect and play the sounds collected, creating a calming soundscape, simulating a natural space. This gives people a chance to escape and de-stress while in their busy urban environments

The website allows users to play around with the car sounds and visit the sound library of virtual natural spaces.